Online Systems

Designed to manage millions of data records across multiple projects and locations, perfect for large corporations. We develop HR, Training and Development, Recruitment, Agency and Contractor Management, Finance and Accounting and Strategic Workforce Planning Systems. Create the most advanced reports and organizational charts in custom query builders and reporting dashboards. Our online systems are built to company specifications and can be customized on Project and User levels.

Local Systems

Intended for small companies, our local systems are designed in Microsoft Office, easy to use and can be implemented on shared servers or local machines. Centralize and secure all your data and streamline your processes. Eliminate data errors and improve procedural efficiency by simplification, streaming and electronic automation. Replace spreadsheets, document management, manual reports and charts with our automated functions. Local systems are free of charge, they are included in our consulting services.

Consulting Services

We provide consulting services for Strategic Planning, Human Resources, Recruitment, Training and Development. Our internationally experienced team will help you to establish and improve processes, eliminate non-value added activities and facilitate more efficient project execution. We provide full technical and business support, and our designated consultants will be with you at every step of the way. Don't wait to improve your efficiency and increase productivity. Contact us today for more information.